Angela Zoumplis is a Ph.D student in the Allen lab studying the evolution and ecology of polar microorganisms. Angela completed her BS in Biology at Christopher Newport University. After graduating, she worked as a field technician in Nevada, surveying abandoned mines for evidence of bat habitation and became fascinated with life thriving in complex environments. Following this interest, Angela worked in the Astrochemistry group at NASA Ames studying the surface composition of icy solar system bodies. She then moved to San Diego to begin her Ph.D research at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Research Interests:

  • Polar biology
  • Life in extreme environments
  • Environmental and functional genomics
  • Molecular phylogenetics

Angela’s current work in the Allen lab is focused on using molecular tools to determine the evolutionary history and adaptive strategies of Antarctic diatoms. She is also interested in isolating and characterizing genes that confer resistance to extreme environmental conditions.