John P. McCrow is a Computational Biologist within the Allen Lab group in the Microbial and Environmental Genomics Department at JCVI.  His research is focused primarily on comparative genomics and phylogenetics of marine microbial metagenomic and transcriptomic samples.  He has worked on a number of projects at JCVI related to marine microorganisms and the dynamics among marine ecosystems and has developed custom software tools for high-throughput data analysis.

Research Interests:

  • RNAseq analyses
  • Indels, SNPs, and genotype specific signatures
  • Large scale computing
  • Comparative genomics

Prior to joining JCVI as a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. McCrow received his Ph.D. in 2008 in Computational Biology from the University of Southern California under Michael Waterman and Kenneth Nealson where he worked on sequence analysis and alignment methods for signature sequences useful in phylogenetic inference.

Selected Publications:

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