Tyler Coale is a graduate student in the Allen Lab and studies the physiological response of phytoplankton to low iron conditions.  His work combines lab based experimentation with observations of wild phytoplankton communities.  Prior to arriving at Scripps, Tyler completed a BS in Plant Sciences at UCSC and went on to work as a technician in the field of chemical oceanography, first with Ken Bruland at UCSC and later with Kristen Buck at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences.

Research Interests:

  • Iron uptake in eukaryotic phytoplankton
  • Physiology of iron limited phytoplankton
  • Iron/light co-limitation
  • Metatranscriptomics


Biller, D. V., Coale, T. H., Till, R. C., Smith, G. J., & Bruland, K. W. (2013). Coastal iron and nitrate distributions during the spring and summer upwelling season in the central California Current upwelling regime. Continental Shelf Research66, 58-72.

Coale, T. H., Deveny, A. J., & Fox, L. R. (2011). Growth, fire history, and browsing recorded in wood rings of shrubs in a mild temperate climate.Ecology92(5), 1020-1026.