SIO 270 – Pelagic Ecology  

Spring 2015


Mark Ohman                                                                   Andy Allen

2153 Sverdrup, x42754                                                  2256 Sverdrup, x 43544                                             


Lectures:   Tu/Th   11-12:20 pm   100 Vaughan Hall

Discussion section: Mon. 1-2:30 pm 300 Vaughan Hall


Date Day   Lecturer Module/Topic
 I.   Patterns of Biodiversity (and underlying processes)
31 Mar Tu Ohman Pelagic Biodiversity and Biogeography – metazoans
2 Apr Th Allen Pelagic Biodiversity and Biogeography – microbes I
7 Apr Tu Allen Pelagic Biodiversity and Biogeography – microbes II
9 Apr Th Allen Deep Chlorophyll Maximum Dynamics
14 Apr Tu Ohman Spatial Pattern
16 Apr Th Ohman Vertical Structure and Vertical Migrations
II.   Biogeochemical Cycles
21 Apr Tu Kahru Primary Production and Remote Sensing
23 Apr Th Ohman Secondary Production
28 Apr Tu Ohman Biogeochemical Cycles I
30 Apr Th Allen Biogeochemical Cycles II
5 May Tu Allen Meso- and Bathypelagic Processes
III.   Food Webs
7 May Th Allen Co-occurrence Networks and Food Web Stability
12 May Tu Ballance Higher Predators
14 May Th Allen Selective Feeding – Chemical Signaling
19 May Tu Ohman Trophic Cascades
21 May Th Werner Modeling
26 May Tu Checkley Fisheries Oceanography
IV. Changing Pelagic Ecosystems
28 May Th Ohman El Niño and Interannual Change
2 June Tu Ohman Multi-Decadal Change
4 June Th Allen Paleo Perspective